Hey all you Big4Production fans.

Our IndieGoGo is over thanks for all the support on our new title Redshift.
You can still check out the page to learn more about the project, and a new section of the website is coming soon.

Redshift - A mobile Action/Adventure sidescrolling game.

Tons of Great Perks and Gifts for those who donate!!!!!!!
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Key Features

  •          20+ Levels
  •          Multiple weapon types
  •          Accelerometer based Mini games
  •          Painted art style
  •          Full length original soundtrack 
  •          Dynamic Boss battles 
  •          Interactive and immersive level selection
By contributing to this project you will not only be helping us make this great game but also contributing to the future of Big4 as a company and the quality of our future products. 
We understand that not everyone can contribute to our campaign financially, but there are other ways that you can support us just as much! Please share this page or any of the Big4 affiliated pages in any way you can and help us get the word out about what we are trying to accomplish.


“Big4’s vision is to create fun, in-depth, and engaging games, for all types of gamers.”

Big4Production is proud to present

Raccoon Jump!!!

How high can you jump?!

Play as an adorable raccoon jumping from one platform to the next. Shoot for your own high score and challenge your friends!

For Android!!!