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Stealth Bot

Stealth Bot is a 3rd person maze crawler where you are tasked with missions involving reaching a goal while evading security protocols such as sensors, patrols, and chaser bots.  The game consists of 20 levels divided over four different areas: oil company, casino, bank, and last but not least a high-tech military bunker.

By completing the levels you will unlock the next, which can be selected for replay via the Level Selection menu.  Movement will be done using the familiar setup of WASD, with arrow keys being a substitute for personal preference.


Screen Shots!!!


Stealth Bot 1

Stealth Bot 2

Stealth Bot 3

Stealth Bot 4

Stealth Bot 5

Stealth Bot 6

Stealth Bot 7

Stealth Bot 8

Stealth Bot 9

Stealth Bot 10

Hope you enjoyed the screen shots to play Stealth Bot!!!

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